Returns, Exchange and Refunds Policy


  • DFS will offer 100 % worldwide quality guarantee on all DFS products sold and will allow customers to exchange, repair or return any item with proof of purchase, with no restrictions based on time or merchandise condition.
  • After Sales Handling includes:
    • After Sales Services
    • Customer complaint call handling
    • Customer claims
  • Sales Associates & Team Leads will be authorized to make final decisions on claims and returns for receipts under US$10,000, regardless of date of purchase, or condition of the merchandise. The sales associate will be empowered to handle the exchange or cash/credit refund with no other manager authorization.
  • Returns over US$10,000, will require a General Manager's authorization via their signature.
  • For claims and returns without receipt, the sales associate will use whatever means available to validate the purchase.
  • “Reasonable Proof” includes DFS price tag/label, POS record, etc.
  • Team Leads/Product Sales Managers, cashier admin, will help if needed to research sales history to locate a valid proof of purchase of an item lacking this. 


  • Customer will provide the Sales Associate with DFS sales receipt and exchange item.
  • Sales Associate will refund the receipt for returned item and key in the transaction in POS for replaced item.
  • If the exchanged merchandise is in good condition, it will be re-sold in the shop.


  • Customer will provide the Sales Associate with DFS sales receipt. If not, the Sales Associate will find out the DFS price tag on the merchandise for identification.
  • The Sales Associate will issue DFS refund receipt from POS and will refund in cash to customer if the purchase is done by cash.
  • If there are not sufficient funds in the cash float, the Sales Associate will apply the cash IOU from the cashier admin and will return the amount to the customer.
  • If refund payment is within the same day, the Sales Associate will simply make the void transaction in POS or credit card machine if purchase is paid by credit card.